Preparing for your baby's arrival

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Being pregnant is an exciting time but it can also feel like there is a lot to think about. Here you can find some key information and resources to help you prepare for your baby's arrival.

How you feed your baby is a personal choice and as your health visitors we are here to support you and your baby with whatever feeding choices you make. Our health visiting teams are trained in infant feeding and we are there to answer your questions and help with infant feeding at all stages.

There is a lot of information out there about breast and bottle feeding and it can seem confusing. We have found a selection of helpful resources that can support you and your baby whatever feeding choices you make.

You can also contact our health visiting team if you have any questions or concerns about feeding your baby when they arrive.

For details of your local services please see our  infant feeding resource page

Complete your CLCH Infant Feeding Assessment form here.

Download your CLCH Responsive feeding resources here:

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Preparing for your baby’s arrival is an exciting time and a good opportunity to read information that can support you to keep your baby safe. These resources will provide you with clear and simple steps to keep your baby safe while they sleep reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) commonly known as Cot death.

We recommend you take the time to read this information before your baby is born. If you have any questions you can ask your health visitor or midwife.

Safer sleep for babies

Product guide:
BASIS - information on how babies sleep
BASIS - where babies sleep 
Lullaby Trust video - safer co-sleeping

It may seem a lot to be thinking about before your baby has even arrived but keeping your baby safe can start from today. Here are some helpful resources to help you think about how you can make your home and your baby’s environment safe for their arrival. If you have any questions about home safety please speak to your health visiting team who can answer questions and help you to access advice and support. 

Water safety

Toy safety

Accessibility tools