Staying safe

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As you become more independent it’s important to think about how to keep yourself safe and for your parents or carers to think about how to help you to be safe while supporting you to gain independence as you grow-up.

Every young person is different and every parent or carer will have their own thoughts about they are happy for you to do. It can be a bit scary as you get older as it’s harder for them to protect you.

Here are some helpful resources to help you think about how you can keep yourself safe and also how you can help your friends to stay safe. If you have any questions about safety please speak to your school nurse who can answer questions and help you to access advice and support.

You can find links to resources about safety below.

Staying safe away from home

Staying safe online

Accident prevention 

Aerosol safety

Halloween costumes and fancy dress safety

Laser pens and laser pointers

Road safety

Cycle safety 

Burns and scalds

Water safety

The summer is a wonderful time to enjoy being outside with your friends and family. It can be tempting to try to get a tan by not putting on your sun cream but your far more likely to get burnt and develop skin damage that will last your lifetime. Protecting your skin is really important as soon as the weather starts getting hot, even its cloudy you can get burnt or skin damage. 

Here are some resources to help you know how to look after your skin in the sun.

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