Early learning

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Your baby is constantly learning and taking everything around them in. Your baby loves to chat, play and read with you, even when they are too young to understand everything. On the Hungry Little minds website you’ll find short videos and simple, fun activities that you and your baby can do together.

Hungry Little Minds

0-6 months

6-12 months 

Your baby loves to play and learn with you take a look at the BBC resource Tiny Happy People for great ideas to help you play and enjoy simple activities that will help your baby’s early development.

BBC Tiny Happy People

Communication development starts with the motivation to communicate and is built through non verbal and verbal interactions between your baby and those around them, especially through play. Learn more about communication in these helpful resources

NSPCC’s ‘Look, Say, Sing, Play’ campaign’ 

Vroom: Boost your child's learning with Vroom's fast and fun tips to your phone or via email.

Stamma: British Stammering Association- Information and advice on stammering.

Use the tree of talking to record your baby’s first words

If you are concerned about your baby’s communication development you can speak to your health visiting team for advice and information.

Lots of children in the UK and around the world grow up with more than one language.  There are many benefits to being bilingual. Read more about what we know about bilingualism:

Here is information that has been translated into different languages:

What your baby experiences when you interact with them helps shape their development. In the Zero to three resources you can learn how to nurture your baby’s social emotional, intellectual, language and motor development.

A child’s brain develops really quickly during the first 5 years of life, and especially in the first 3 years. It is a time when the brain is making lots of connections. There are lots of things that influence the development of the brain.

These include the relationships that a child has with those around them, and the experiences that they have.  An important part of brain development is the backwards and forwards interactions that a child has with the people around them. Have a look at these videos to find out more:

You can sign up to www.vroom.org for brain building tips that can be sent to your phone!

Each child will develop as an individual with there being no ‘normal’ development . Your baby will go through different stages of emotional development and although there is no ‘normal’ you can learn more about key stages here.

Understanding Childhood - Key stages

Play is how your baby learns and processes the world. They love to play with you and others around them. You can learn more about play and your baby here.

Zero to three - Early learning and play

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