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It can feel like there is a lot of information in the media about Coronavirus, this can be confusing and make you feel anxious particularly when you are pregnant. Knowing where you can access reliable, evidence based information is important.

The Royal College of Obstetiricians and Gynaecologists have questions, answers and informative videos. You can access their resources here

To find more information about Coronavirus and Pregnancy including when to call your midwife see the NHS Pregnancy and coronavirus resources here. 

The NHS has information and advice about Coronavirus including symptoms, testing and tracing, social distancing, people at higher risk, self-isolation and treating symptoms. You can access these resources here. 

The NHS advises that pregnant women should take 10 micrograms (400IU) of vitamin D a day between October and early March to keep your bones and muscles healthy. As many of us have been indoors more than usual this year it is even more important to ensure you are taking your Vitamin D. Find out more here. 

Find helpful information and resources on pregnancy and mental health including how to get help, accessing help for domestic abuse and additional support for women and families. You can access these resources here. 

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