Early years

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The NHS has information and advice about Coronavirus including symptoms, testing and tracing, social distancing, people at higher risk, self-isolation and treating symptoms. You can access these resources here.  

Connecting Care 4 Children (CC4C) have developed clear, evidence based guidance for parents on routine vaccinations for children during coronavirus. See the CC4C resources here

Coronavirus has affected us all and for young children this can be particularly challenging as they can't always express what they are feeling.

The Anna Freud Centre have developed resources to help you support your child these include: the transition back to nursery or starting school, advice on helping under 5's through the coronavirus crisis, Top tips for parents and carers and Coronavirus from the perspective of a baby or young child. You can access these resources here.

You may also find their resources on self-care for parents and carers helpful. These can be found here

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