Your child's education and school life

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Preparing for your child to start primary or secondary school or return from a school holiday requires planning and preparation for all children but if your child has an additional health or developmental need there may be other things you need to take into account. This may include which school you choose for your child.

Below are some resources that can help you with this process but remember you can also ask for advice from the professionals your child currently sees or the SENCO at the school your child attends or you are thinking of sending them to.

Preparing for school

Moving onto secondary school

Some children and young people with an education or health need require more additional or different support or provision to meet their needs in their educational setting. This additional support is provided by the Local Authority where your child lives through Education, Health, Care, Plans (EHCP’s). This includes early years, primary and secondary school and for some young people into further education.

Starting the Education, health and care assessment process can feel daunting and your local authority provides information on their website to support you - you can find this in the local offer section of this page which will link you to your Local Authority website.

You can also ask your child’s health and education professionals for support including their SENCO.
For more information on EHCP’s we have collated some helpful resources

Friendships are important to positive social, cognitive and emotional development and are associated with an increased sense of wellbeing. It is common for parents and carers to worry that their child may not make friends at school.

We have found some helpful resources for you and your child at different ages, stages and with different circumstances.

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